Amazon Warehousing Services
Order fulfilment and warehousing for Amazon in the UK

Amazon Warehousing Services


Order fulfilment and warehousing for Amazon in the UK

Providing repacking, labelling and order fulfilment, KDR European are the only partner that you need for Amazon warehousing. Our team supplies sellers like you with expertise in warehousing, UK pallet distribution and European transport, on a daily basis.

Located in Felixstowe, Britain’s premier port, KDR’s warehouse is ideally situated for Far East imports and European trade. The Port of Harwich is also 45 minutes away, providing you with further options for flexible and cost effective road transport to Europe.

Supported by our customs clearance and T1 form teams, KDR European are here to give you an all-in-one service, whether you need us for UK or EU Amazon fulfilment.

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Amazon fulfilment services

You can rely on KDR for your Amazon order fulfilment across the UK and Europe. After your trailer unload or container devan, we can support you with:

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UK Amazon distribution

Providing pallet delivery throughout the UK, KDR European support both fulfilment by merchant and fulfilment by Amazon warehousing services.


Repacking and relabelling

Whether you need your goods to go to another distribution hub or the end consumer, KDR make sure your Amazon fulfilment is correctly packaged and labelled.


EU Amazon order fulfilment

Supported by our full load transport, pallet delivery, international express shipping and customs clearance services, KDR provide everything you need for EU Amazon fulfilment.


The Amazon fulfilment warehousing process

Keeping your store ratings high relies on speed and accuracy during the Amazon warehousing process. From the initial unload to Amazon order fulfilment, your warehousing provider needs to be efficient in reporting, relabelling, picking and packing your goods.

The process begins when you inform the Amazon warehouse of your inbound container or trailer delivery. You provide the packing list and ETA, along with the vessel details if your goods are arriving via sea freight. The warehouse then inputs the load list into an inventory management system in preparation of receipt.

When your trailer or container arrives at the warehouse, the goods are unloaded and inspected for damage. Your stock is then confirmed received in the inventory system and moved into warehouse storage, awaiting order fulfilment instructions.

Once an Amazon order comes through, the goods are picked, packed and loaded onto the nominated vehicle – whether this is your vehicle for Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) or an Amazon vehicle if the order is for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). The stock is then removed from the warehouse management system.

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Why use KDR European for Amazon warehousing?

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Europe-wide network
  • FTL, LTL and express loads covered
  • Import and export service
  • Located next to major ports
  • Customs clearance provided

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    Amazon warehousing and fulfilment FAQs

    FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon and refers to the method of distribution for your orders. In FBA, the delivery of your order is arranged by an Amazon vehicle. This is a preferred method for many sellers, as Amazon will arrange everything once an item is bought so there is less risk of delay for your order fulfilment.

    The alternative to FBA is FBM, which refers to Fulfilment by Merchant. When using FBM, you will be responsible for arranging the collection and delivery with the Amazon warehouse.

    KDR provide Amazon warehousing services for both FBA and FBM sellers. Contact us for more information.

    An Amazon warehouse service is third-party warehousing that stores stock for Amazon sellers. The warehouse also prepares stock for distribution to the end user or another Amazon premises by packing and labelling the goods before dispatch.

    During the receipt, storage and dispatch, an Amazon warehouse service will use barcoding to provide you with accurate tracking and reporting on your stock.

    Once a purchase has been made and an Amazon fulfilment order has been raised to the warehouse, they will prepare the goods and load them onto the assigned vehicle. If you are processing fulfilment by merchant (FBM), then you will allocate the vehicle. If you are selling via fulfilment by Amazon(FBA), then the stock will be loaded onto a Prime vehicle.

    KDR European provide Amazon warehousing services for goods distributing into the UK or Europe. Contact us for more information.

    Amazon fulfilment is the process of getting a purchase to the end user once they have bought your stock. This can be achieved in two ways: Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) or Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

    When using Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM), you will raise the collection note with the warehouse and arrange delivery.

    When using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) the order is processed automatically by Amazon and a collection note is sent to the warehouse. The warehouse then picks and packs the goods in time for collection by the Amazon vehicle.

    KDR European work with FBA and FBM Amazon fulfilment. Contact us for more information.

    Amazon self-fulfilment is known as Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) and means that you take complete ownership of delivering a purchase to the buyer. This includes sending the collection note to the warehouse and arranging the delivery vehicle.

    By contrast, there is also Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). This involves Amazon automatically raising a collection note to the fulfilment warehouse and them allocating the order to one of their regular vehicle slots. The goods are then processed through the Amazon fulfilment network and delivered by them.

    KDR European works with both FBA and FBM sellers on Amazon. Contact us for more information.

    Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) takes the organisation away from you as the seller. If you use FBA, then Amazon will arrange for the collection with the warehouse and the delivery to your end user.

    If you would prefer to sell using Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM), then you will need to send a collection note to the warehouse and arrange a vehicle slot with them, as well as the onward delivery. This can take longer than FBA as Amazon warehouses often have pre-arranged slots that Amazon can then prioritise stock against.

    KDR European provide Amazon warehousing services to sellers that use both FBA and FBM. If you’d like more information on how we work to get Amazon order fulfilment completed quickly and efficiently, contact us for more information.