International Customs Services
Customs Brokers in the UK and EU

International Customs Services


Customs Brokers in the UK and EU

Providing import and export declarations, bonded warehousing and community transit documents, KDR European are the only customs broker you need when moving goods by road between the UK and EU. Our operators and partners supply international customs services that give you localised and specialised knowledge, wherever you need it.

KDR’s customs experts are leveraged by our network every single day. As providers of European road freight, Amazon fulfilment and other warehousing services, our customs brokers regularly use their skills across a variety of movements.

You can rely on our knowledge being up to date. We have been a stable customs partner throughout Brexit and continue to stay informed. Throughout the ever-changing landscape of providing customs services in the UK, we’ll keep you moving and compliant.

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    Customs services FAQs

    A customs agent coordinates your data and taxes with customs during import, export and specialist procedures. They will process your customs clearance with the authorities so that your goods can continue through a border or change status within a territory.

    Customs agents are specialised in the country that they are in, as the rules are different in each territory, and also only have access to customs wherever they have licence.

    KDR European provide customs services in the UK and across the EU. Wherever you need us to process your customs, we are here to help. Contact us for more information.

    Without a customs broker, you will be unable to process declarations unless you get a licence and purchase a link to every port that you are trying to clear goods at.

    Customs brokers have links to ports that they use for several customers, spreading the cost across more declarations and saving the end user money.

    Additionally, they have in-house customs experts with the necessary experience to keep customers compliant and reduce delays at the border.

    KDR European are a broker that provide customs services throughout the UK and Europe, covering a variety of commodities and processes through our transport and warehouse network. Contact us for more information on our services today.

    Customs brokers work by facilitating import, export and special customs procedures to change the status of goods within a territory or allow them to move across the border.

    Brokers often provide customs services to a particular area where they have the greatest amount of work and local knowledge. Therefore, it is important to ask a broker what areas they work with so that you find out in good time if they are unable to help you.

    KDR European provide customs services for seaports, community movements and bonded warehouses across the UK and Europe. If you need a customs broker for EU road movements, then we are here for you. Contact us for more information.

    A customs broker is an individual or a company with links to customs systems, who uses these to process declarations. Declarations to customs are used to move goods through borders or change their status within a territory and can be split into 3 main groups: import, export and specialist procedure.

    Alongside customs declarations, some brokers can also guarantee goods to move under bond. This allows businesses to suspend the payment of duty and VAT by declaring that the goods are in transit or proceeding to a bonded premises. The broker is responsible for the taxes if the goods do not “complete” the movement at the other side, which stops them from entering the country without paying.

    KDR European are customs brokers in the UK, providing services in all UK seaports and throughout Europe. Contact us for more information.

    “Customs services” refers to the range of customs procedures that a broker can facilitate for businesses. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

    • Import customs declarations.
    • Export customs declarations.
    • T1 transit documents.
    • Bonded warehousing.
    • Simplified declarations.
    • Port Health and DEFRA clearances.

    Customs brokers usually do not provide everything due to the amount of specialised knowledge and licences required for each area of service and individual locations. Therefore, you need to check what your broker can cover to ensure you are supported where you need to be.

    KDR European provide customs services to the road transport and warehousing industry across the UK and Europe, with links to all major seaports and a partner warehouse network. Contact us for more information.