Customs Clearance Services
Import and export customs clearance in the UK and EU

Customs Clearance Services


Import and export customs clearance in the UK and EU

Covering all major UK and EU seaports, KDR are equipped to process your import and export customs clearances in most locations. Whether you need regular declarations or customs clearance services for a one-off shipment, our team are here for you.

As providers of European road freight, Amazon fulfilment and other warehousing services, you can rely on our wealth of experience. We’ve processed customs declarations for most commodities and processes, across the UK and Europe, so we’ve likely handled your type of movement before. If not, we have the knowledge and know-how to find the best solution.

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How KDR can assist you with customs clearance

Covering a range of customs clearance services, we are the only broker that you need when importing and exporting through a UK or EU seaport. For information on bonded movements, visit our T1 form and EU bonded warehousing pages.

For customs declarations, see more information below.

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Import customs clearance

Providing import customs clearance for all major seaports, KDR European support businesses like yours across the UK. We’ve processed most commodities and procedures, so we havethe experience that you need from your partnering customs clearance agent.


Export customs declarations

Proficient in T1 form form movements and EU bonded warehousing, KDR cover more than standard export customs clearances. We’ll ensure that you remain compliant across your supply chain in Europe, removing delays and maintaining trust with customs authorities.



As European road freight specialists, KDR are daily users of the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) system. Therefore, we are more familiar with the nuances that arise from the system and can proactively address queries before they become a delayed clearance.


End-to-end customs clearance services in Europe

You can rely on KDR to look after your customs throughout your European supply chain. Providing import and export customs clearances, transit documents and EU bonded warehousing, we are here for you at every single step of your goods’ journey.

As European transport and warehousing service providers, we also understand how customs clearance fits into each part of a logistics operation. This allows us to be a single point of contact for coordinating customs between you, your suppliers and your buyers.

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The customs clearance process

To facilitate customs clearance, we will need the following documentation and information:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Values for freight and/or insurance if your INCOTERM doesn’t include these.
  • Packing list.
  • ETA at port.

For imports, you must also provide a movement certificate, CMR or Bill of Lading, displaying:

  • Container / unit number.
  • Port of arrival.
  • Vessel details.

For export customs clearance, we need the shipper’s reference so that we can forward the phase 1 declaration to the carrier to align with their manifest.

Once we have all of the details, we will process the declaration using a link to the relevant port system. This is usually done ahead of time so that the declaration processes on the vessel’s arrival.

On arrival, the declaration will go live, your duty and VAT will be paid (if applicable) and the goods will be released.

However, there are some instances where the goods will not be released and further action is necessary to complete the clearance:

  • Duty and VAT haven’t been paid correctly.
  • There is an additional hold from a customs team, such as:
    • Random documentation check.
    • X-Ray examination.
    • Port Health or DEFRA hold.

These will require investigation and delay whilst customs complete manual processing.

KDR work to make the customs clearance process as simple as possible, minimalising delays and keeping your business compliant.

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GVMS clearance process

The Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) is a special system that facilitates customs clearances for goods moving by road between the UK and the EU. The clearance takes place when the goods vehicle boards the ferry at origin, and covers both the export and import customs clearances at the same time as the vessel embarks.

To board the vessel, the European road freight provider must upload copies of the import and export pre-lodgements, along with all the documents and vehicle/vessel information, to GVMS to obtain a Goods Movement Reference (GMR). The GMR is then processed by the ferry operators when the ferry departs from origin.

If there is a problem with the clearance or additional checks required, then the vehicle driver will be notified and will need to proceed to a holding area at the destination country until the customs clearance is complete. The GVMS system will also notify their operator so that they can start working on a solution as soon as possible.

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What makes KDR European’s different to other customs clearance agents?

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • End-to-end customs clearances in the UK and Europe
  • GVMS proficient
  • EU bonded warehousing experts
  • Provider of T1 transit forms
  • Import and export clearances covered
  • Experienced in most commodities
  • A single point of contact

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    Customs clearance services FAQs

    You are responsible for your export customs clearance when you are exporting from the country or the import clearance when you are bringing goods into the country. If you use a customs clearance service provider, this means that you are responsible for providing them with the correct information for your declarations.

    If a mistake is made with a declaration, then you might be audited to ensure that you are being compliant with your instructions. When a mistake is made by a broker, they are also liable for auditing, so it is in their interests to ensure everything is correct.

    Due to the trust that you need to have in your customs partner, it is essential that you can rely on them to both process declarations correctly and have your best interests at heart.

    KDR European are a UK based customs broker with partnerships across Europe. We supply customs clearances every day for our European road freight and EU bonded warehousing network, as well as businesses like yours across the UK. If you’d like to discuss how we can support you, contact us for more information.

    Every commercial import, shipping container or goods vehicle coming into the UK needs a customs declaration, even if there is no duty and VAT payable on the goods.

    If you do not process an import customs declaration for a shipment, then it will remain at the port until one is completed. For EU road freight movements, the goods will not board the ferry in the EU until the clearance has been completed and added to the Goods Movement Record (GMR) on the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) system.

    KDR European provide import customs declarations and use GVMS every day. If you need help with your import customs declarations, contact us for more information.

    Yes, VAT is payable on duty. However, you can claim this back if you are VAT registered in the UK and the import declaration is against your Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number.

    Customs duty is payable on the value of the goods at the border, inclusive of all pre-border freight and surplus charges. For example, if your goods cost £10,000, your packing and export customs fees are £750 and your freight is £2500, you will pay duty on the value of £13,250. If the duty rate is 2%, this will be £265. You will then pay VAT on the total, £13,515.

    If any of the values are not in GBP, then these need to be converted into GBP first using HMRC’s rate of exchange for the month.

    KDR European are experts in customs clearance, providing declarations, T1 forms and bonded warehousing to businesses across the UK and Europe. Contact us for more information.

    The person or business who is importing or exporting the goods is responsible for clearance at the border, as well as any duty and VAT that is applicable.

    The only exception is when goods are being delivered under the Delivered-Duty-Paid (DDP) INCOTERM, which means the seller is responsible for arranging customs clearance. A DDP invoice also includes the duty and VAT, so this is charged back to the shipper by their customs clearance agent.

    KDR European provides customs clearance services for movements of all types between the UK and Europe. Contact us for a quote or more information on how we can support your supply chain.

    Customs clearance is the process of alerting HMRC (or that country’s authorities) of an outgoing or incoming shipment, and then paying any duty and VAT that is applicable.

    Declarations to customs are for more than duty and VAT payments. They are also to provide data on a business’ imports and exports, as well as statistical data for the whole country. This information is then available for investors, statisticians, and businesses looking for supply chain partners from abroad.

    KDR European provides import and export customs clearance in the UK and Europe, along with T1 form and EU bonded warehousing services. Contact us for more information.