International Express Shipping
Express delivery to Europe from the UK

International Express Shipping


Express delivery to Europe from the UK

When you need to deliver your goods “yesterday”, you can rely on the international express shipping services provided by KDR European.

You have a selection of equipment available so that you can get the best option for your EU next day delivery. We provide you with the right vehicle for your shipment, at a great price.

Customs services are also provided by KDR, ensuring that we can get your EU express delivery arranged and completed with as little delay and hassle as possible.

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The advantages of using EU express delivery

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24/48-hour transit time

You can rely on us to collect, customs clear and deliver your goods in as little time as possible. We do this every day and are ready to lend our experience to you.

Same day collection and delivery is sometimes possible, depending on where your goods are, where they need to go and what time we receive your enquiry.


Available at short notice

Get your shipment booked and completed within days. Unlike full load transport or pallet shipping services, EU express delivery is hardly ever booked far in advance.

Operating a fleet of vans throughout the EU, KDR’s network is here to get your international express delivery from A to B in as little time as possible.


Multiple van sizes available

Get the most suitable equipment for your load size. KDR operates vans of all sizes and also provide express full loads when available, ensuring you don’t pay for space you don’t need.

Utilising the right equipment for your load size, we provide you with a cost effective and secure option whether your shipment is a whole van or a single pallet.

Our Services

KDR provide express van deliveries to all of Europe

You can get the same great service and value from us no matter where in the EU your goods need to go. KDR’s international express shipping network has been grown over a decade of daily collaboration and is ready to serve your business wherever you need us.


Express shipping to Germany

Providing full load, part load and express delivery to Germany and back every single day, KDR have the flexibility and reliability required to deliver your goods securely and on time.

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Poland express delivery service

The location of our most eastern EU bonded warehouse, KDR operates daily express shipping to and from Poland as part of our operations in eastern Europe.

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Express van to Benelux

Operating daily vehicles of all sizes from all over, KDR are your ideal partner for international express shipping from the UK to Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

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Road transport to Belgium

No matter what you need road transport to Belgium for, KDR have a variety of equipment to get it there. Overnight express shipping is also available for your urgent loads.


Road freight to The Netherlands

With direct links to Rotterdam from both the north and east of England, road freight to The Netherlands is easily accessible from anywhere in the UK.


Road haulage to Luxembourg

Located between Germany and France, KDR have several options for road freight to Luxembourg. We’ll provide you with a competitive rate, no matter your cargo or timeline.


UK to France express delivery

Operating daily loads to and from all areas, we provide an efficient, reliable and cost effective service for express delivery from the UK to France. You can count on us.

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International van delivery to Spain

Providing daily full load, part load and express shipping to Spain, KDR have reliable options to provide the best equipment and flexible time frames to suit your needs.

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Express shipping to Italy

You can get next day EU delivery to Italy using the KDR European network. From our EU bonded warehouse in Piacenza to the tip of Palermo, we have you covered.

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Express shipping to Scandinavia

If you need to get your stock to Scandinavia quickly, you can rely on KDR European to get it done. We provide overnight and 48-hour delivery to Norway, Sweden and Denmark, daily.

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Scandinavia country information


Express delivery to Sweden

Accessible from anywhere in the UK and with multiple van options to choose from, KDR supply express delivery to Sweden at an affordable rate, without compromising on service.


Express vans to Denmark

Available on short notice, KDR European often provide next day express shipping to Denmark from the UK. We work to be flexible, efficient and reliable, for you.


Express shipping to Norway

Utilising our vans, groupage trailers and full load transport, KDR arrange express shipping to Norway from the UK daily. No matter your load size, we’ll deliver it quickly and securely.

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    EU express delivery FAQs

    When transporting from the UK, express international shipping can be achieved between 24 and 72 hours for most destinations in the EU. The time required for delivery depends on the collection location, the size of the load, if the customs paperwork is ready and where the goods are going to.

    KDR European manage express deliveries of all sizes from the UK to Europe. Utilising a variety of equipment and our customs clearance expertise, we’ll get your goods from A to B efficiently, reliably and at a great rate, every single time.

    Contact us for more information on our international express delivery services today.

    The fastest method of international shipping depends on the destination but will often be using airfreight. However, this is not always the most cost effective or the efficient option.

    Whether you are sending a pallet or a larger shipment, an express van to the EU might be a better option. Road transport is usually cheaper per-kilo and can often be there in the same or quicker time, depending on where you are sending your goods.

    KDR European provide express van deliveries from the UK to the EU on a daily basis. Contact us for options on delivery equipment, costs and time frames.

    International express deliveries are subject to the same customs clearance standards as any other freight shipment. Typically, a clearance can be achieved within an hour, but this will depend on you having the correct paperwork ready for the shipment and whether your goods are commercial, domestic or community transit.

    KDR European provide overnight express vans to Europe from the UK, utilising our in-house customs clearance expertise to raise T1 forms, process the import and export declarations and minimise the risk of delay at the border. We are here to help you get your goods to their destination with as few complications as possible.

    Contact us for more information on our all-inclusive international express deliveries today.

    An EU express van needs to clear customs in two or more locations, depending on the type of transit and the destination.

    If your goods are commercial and destined for a country that is not the first in EU country of transit (IE France or The Netherlands), then you will need to clear the goods on export from the UK, as a community transit on entering the EU and finally as an import into the country of destination. A T1 form is required for this type of movement.

    However, if the goods are personal effects or destined for the first EU country of arrival, then you will only need to clear the goods on exiting the UK and entering the EU.

    KDR provide express delivery and customs clearance for loads of all sizes. Contact us for more information.

    The cost for EU express shipping varies depending on:

    • The size of your load.
    • The loading point.
    • The country of destination.
    • How fast you need it there.
    • If a T1 form is required.
    • Seasonal demand fluctuations.

    To get the best idea of how much your express shipping will cost, it is best to provide the above details to a company that will be able to facilitate every part of the movement.

    KDR European coordinate loads of all sizes from the UK to the EU, every day. Contact us for more information on our international express shipping services.