Pallet Delivery to Europe
Pallet Transport from the UK to Europe

Pallet delivery to Europe


Pallet Transport from the UK to Europe

When you need to deliver a part load to the EU, you need KDR’s European pallet transport network. Developed over a decade of close collaboration, our grid provides pallet delivery to Europe for businesses like yours efficiently, reliably and affordably – every single day.

You can rely on us to collect your pallet(s) from anywhere in the UK and deliver your shipment to any destination in the EU. Whether you are shipping a half load, quarter load, or even a single pallet, we will treat your delivery with the care and attention that it needs.

We take care of everything for you when arranging pallet transport from the UK to Europe, providing customs clearance, GVMS, T1s and ADR documentation checks where applicable.

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The advantages of using part load pallet transport to Europe

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Our Services

KDR provide pallet delivery to all of Europe

Connected to pallet delivery partners throughout Europe, KDR’s network is built on relationships that have been proven over a decade of close collaboration. We will serve your supply chain needs with expertise and care, both in the UK and across Europe.


Pallet delivery to Germany

Operating with transport and EU bonded warehousing partners across the country, KDR’s pallet delivery service in Germany is ready to support you wherever you need us to.

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Pallet shipping to Poland

You can ship your pallet to Poland, or anywhere in eastern Europe, on one of our daily vehicles. A reliable, cost efficient and flexible service that is bespoke to your needs.

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Send a pallet to Benelux

Providing daily pallet transport to Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands from anywhere in the UK, KDR’s part load network is here for you wherever and whenever you need us.

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Part load transport to Belgium

Send a load of any size to Belgium at short notice using our network. Whether a half load, quarter load or a single pallet, KDR are ready to support you with your pallet transport.


Pallet transport to The Netherlands

With multiple vehicles crossing on the ferry every day, from both the north and the east of England, KDR European can quickly assist you with pallet delivery to the Netherlands.


Pallet shipping to Luxembourg

En-route for many of our partners in Germany and eastern Europe, KDR have several oc cost effective, reliable and express options for pallet shipping to Luxembourg.


UK to France pallet delivery

Operating daily loads through Dover in both directions, KDR European are here for you when you need a UK to France pallet delivery. We process customs clearances and GVMS multiple times a day, and ensure that your shipment delivers in a timely and efficient manner.

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Haulage to Spain

With a partnered EU bonded warehouse in Spain and a fluent speaker in-house, KDR European has developed a strong network with Spanish part load and pallet shipping companies. No matter where you need collecting from or delivering to, we are here for you.

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Pallet shipping to Italy

Providing part load and pallet delivery to and from all areas, KDR is here for your road transport in Italy. Whether you need a part load to go to our bonded warehouse in Piacenza, or a single pallet to go to the Province of Palermo, we have you covered.

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Pallet transport to Scandinavia

You can benefit from KDR’s European pallet delivery network in northern Europe, where we provide regular and express pallet transport to Norway, Sweden and Denmark from the UK.

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Pallet delivery to Sweden

Affordable and accessible, KDR European provide regular and express part load and pallet delivery to Sweden. You get the best options, no matter where you load in the UK.


Pallet shipping to Denmark

Operating daily groupage trailers from the UK, KDR can often provide pallet shipping to Denmark at short notice, without sacrificing value for money and great customer service.


Part load trailer to Norway

You can rely on our pallet network across the UK and EU to provide you with an economic, secure, and timely option for your part load delivery to Norway.

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    Pallet transport from the UK to Europe FAQs

    Sending a pallet to Spain can be done overnight, within 48 hours or over several business days, depending on the rate, the day of collection and how busy the trade lane is.

    If you require next day pallet delivery, then transport companies will charge more to place it at the top of the queue. However, you can save money by waiting more days for the pallet to reach its destination.

    KDR European arrange pallet delivery and groupage loads throughout the UK and EU. If you could benefit from a Europe-wide pallet transport network, get in touch for a quote today.

    Pallet delivery to Germany takes 24-48 hours on a network, or sometimes longer if you are sending your shipment on a Friday or busy period. Often, carriers will also offer you a selection of rates depending on how quickly you need to get a pallet to Germany.

    If your goods are high-value or you compete on urgency, then quicker pallet delivery would be the option for you. However, if your goods are low-margin, then it is worth building an economy pallet delivery rate into your calculations and sending the goods over several days.

    KDR European provide flexible options for pallet delivery to Germany, utilising our daily groupage loads that go to partner warehouses across the country. Contact us for a range of options today.

    When arranging international pallet delivery, your goods need to be ready for transit. Wrapping your pallet and goods is essential and the carrier might refuse to take your load if it is not secure.

    Best practices are to centralise the goods on the pallet, with no overhang if possible as the carrier may charge for extra pallets if the goods go past the pallet boundaries. From here, shrink wrap the pallet from the base to the top and back, ensuring that the wrap is tight and there are a few layers to provide strength.

    KDR European provide pallet wrapping in our warehouses. If you would like to discuss pallet delivery and how to wrap your goods, contact us for a quote.

    Pallet delivery is based on less-than-trailer-load shipment, whereas trailer transport is a dedicated full load. If you are sending a full load, then your goods will arrive on the vehicle they were collected on and the trailer is sealed so you have greater custody over the transit.

    However, pallet delivery and groupage loads share the vehicle between multiple collection and delivery points, often with freight consolidation and handling in hubs between origin and destination. Your goods might be collected on one vehicle and delivered on another, which means there is a higher risk for damage compared to full load transport.

    KDR European’s pallet delivery network has been built over 10 years of daily collaboration, with partners sharing the same values of transparency, reliability and care. Every pallet is looked after, whether it’s a full or a part load. Contact us for a quote today.

    Bonded pallet delivery requires clearance out of the current premises, a T1 form and a declaration into the new warehouse. Unlike a normal warrant declaration, your clearance must use the CPC that indicates it is being transferred to another bond.

    A T1 form must then be raised to cover the transit of the goods. This will be issued in the UK and closed off on arrival to the destination country.

    Finally, the new warehouse must complete a declaration to enter the pallet into their bond. KDR European arrange T1 forms, customs clearance and EU bonded warehousing. If you need bonded pallet delivery, get in touch for a quote today.