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Warehouse logistics and transport in the UK

Warehousing Services


Warehouse logistics and transport in the UK

Located close to major ports, you can rely on KDR for warehousing services across the UK. Whether you need support for your ocean freight shipments or freight stations for your European road freight movements, we have the warehouse logistics solution for you.

From our main site in Felixstowe, Britain’s premier port, KDR coordinate warehousing operations for all types of freight, collaborating with road, sea and air carriers to provide the best warehousing solution for your preferred method of transport.

Your goods will be looked after and processed with care, expertise and attention to detail, whether they require bulk stow or a single racking space.

Providing a range of supplementary services like customs clearance, T1 transit documents and Amazon fulfilment, KDR European are here to support you with the flexibility, efficiency and reliability that you need to do business, both domestically and internationally.

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Warehousing for dangerous goods in the UK

When you are looking to store dangerous goods, KDR European are here for you. Our dangerous goods safety adviser (DGSA) is on hand to coordinate with you and our partners to ensure that hazardous warehousing requirements are met so that you stay compliant.

Contact us for more information on our hazardous warehousing services in the UK.

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Why use KDR European’s warehousing services?

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Europe-wide network
  • FTL, LTL and express loads covered
  • Warehousing/consolidation provided
  • Specialist equipment available
  • Import and export service
  • Customs, GVMS and T1 included
  • A single point of contact

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    Warehousing services FAQs

    Warehousing refers to the storage of goods in a hired space. Services surrounding this concept include loading, unloading, repacking, reworking, relabelling, stacking, palletising and wrapping of the goods.

    Alongside warehousing services, many facilities also provide container shunting and pallet distribution services so that they can manage the flow of goods in and out of the site.

    If the site is bonded, then the operators may also offer customs clearance so that they can provide everything needed for a bonded warehouse operation.

    KDR European provide warehousing, customs and transport services across the UK and EU. Contact us for a quote today.

    “Warehousing activities” refers to everything that is included in the day-to-day operations of a warehousing site. This includes:

    • Unloading trailers, containers and vans.
    • Palletising stock if the import has been loaded as loose fill.
    • Checking stock is in good condition and matches the documents.
    • Labelling the stock for barcode scanning or load identification.
    • Putting the goods away and recording locations.
    • Picking items for loads.
    • Repalletising and rewrapping pallets before loading.
    • Loading.
    • Relocating stock.
    • Stock checks.

    If you could benefit from a partner who provides warehousing activities across the UK and EU, contact KDR European for a quote.

    Warehousing is the storage of goods whilst they await onward delivery. This is a preferred method for many traders who want the goods to be readily available to them at a moment’s notice, instead of relying on purchasing goods from their suppliers when they need stock.

    Whilst goods are held in a warehouse, they can also be reworked or repacked to suit the company’s preference for receiving or selling stock.

    For example, a container of loose-fill cartons can be received and reworked into pallets of 40 cartons per pallet or pallets of 40 cartons can be reworked into pallets of 60. The capacity to repack, rework, relabel, restack, palletise and wrap stock offsite allows greater flexibility and convenience for the owner of the goods and their supply chain.

    KDR European provide warehousing to companies throughout the UK and Europe. Contact us for a quote today.

    The basic process for warehousing services is:

    • Accounts are set up in the warehouse’s warehouse management system (WMS).
    • The WMS has the details of products entered as stock keeping units (SKUs).
    • The packing list for the inbound load is entered into the WMS and labels are printed out.
    • The goods arrive and are unloaded, checked, reworked (if applicable), labelled and stored.
    • Products are then kept in storage until they are needed, incurring rent charges.
    • A notification is given that the stock is due to be loaded.
    • The goods are checked as they are loaded onto the vehicle.
    • The stock is written off the WMS once the load is dispatched.

    KDR European provide warehouse management for businesses across the UK and Europe. Contact us for more information.

    Warehousing is important for supply chains across the world, due to the nature of being able to hold and rework goods in a place that is local to their end destination.

    If warehousing services did not exist, then end-users would need to order stock direct to site, from suppliers, every time. This could be waiting 30+ days for transit. IE If the goods are coming from the Far East to the UK.

    Holding goods in a third-party warehouse also allows for more space to be utilised on-site by a premises, increasing a business’ throughput.

    KDR European provide warehousing services for businesses throughout the EU and UK. Contact us for more information on how we can help your supply chain today.