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Devan and handball warehousing in Felixstowe

Container Devanning Services


Devan and handball warehousing in Felixstowe

From palletised loads to loose-fill and heavy cargoes, KDR European are equipped to safely handle your goods. We’ve been providing container devanning services in Felixstowe for over a decade, growing our experience by unloading and handballing multiple commodities.

You can count on KDR to devan containers of pallets, trays, cartons, drums, bags and more. Whether you are looking for warehouse storage or reloading onto a vehicle for pallet distribution, our team are ready to unload your container and prepare your goods in a safe and secure manner. However it needs to go, we’ll get it done.

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The advantages of devanning containers

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Optimise your loads for onward delivery

Send parts from various containers to the same destination, or goods from one shipment to multiple end users. If you have different products going to the same place, then you can save money on the pallet distribution by delivering on one load instead.

You can also deliver more on a single trailer than you can when using container haulage. By consolidating your stock, you need fewer booking slots and vehicle deliveries, making your inbound operation more efficient and cost effective.


Store surplus stock offsite

When you don’t need a whole container of a commodity, but don’t want to lose the cost effective freight that a full shipment offers, then devanning your stock for warehouse storage is the solution to keeping your surplus stock until you need it.

Minimise your risk of production downtime when logistical issues are impacting your industry. Losing money and business from supply chain delays is an inevitable risk, but you can reduce this by having your surplus stock in the UK and available for delivery within days.


Leave your container at port

You can often pay less for delivery when you opt for container devanning and trailer delivery. When using container haulage services, you need to pay for the journey back with the empty as well. This doubles the mileage that you pay for when compared to pallet distribution.

Faster delivery is also possible when you devan the container. Although hauliers take your container straight from the port to the destination, there is often a longer waiting time. Warehouses collect several containers during the same day, allowing for earlier loading.

devanning and handball

Container devanning and handball services


Palletised container devan

Unload your palletised containers in Felixstowe and other major ports across the UK with KDR European. We supply both pallet racking and bulk stowage options for warehouse storage, so you can store your goods whichever way suits your needs best.

Get your goods delivered in whatever stack pattern you need after your pallets are devanned. KDR’s warehouses provide reworking services and are supported by our pallet delivery network, allowing you flexibility on how and when your goods will be forwarded on.


Loose cargo shipment devanning

When you are transporting more goods by loading without pallets, KDR European is still here for your container devans. Our warehouses can handle most loose-fill commodities, palletising cartons, trays, tins, drums, bags and more in a safe and secure way.

Save time and money by removing the need to rework your goods later on. We understand that some stock needs to be delivered outside of standard stack patterns. Let us know your needs and your goods will be ready to go exactly as you need them to, at a moment’s notice.

Specialist container devanning services in Felixstowe

Some goods require specialist equipment and experience to devan, store and distribute. KDR’s main warehouses in Felixstowe and Ipswich are equipped to handle heavier goods, as well as eCommerce and Amazon fulfilment.


Heavy devanning in Felixstowe

Devan larger or heavier goods safely in KDR European’s Felixstowe warehouse. Our premises has a container mega-lift, allowing us to place your dry van, reefer, flat rack or other ISO box on the ground for steadier unloading of abnormal loads.

You can devan and deliver heavier pallets with KDR. Our forklifts are designed for heavier loads, with a maximum weight of five tonnes per pallet. This also means that we can rework your palletised loads, consolidating your goods onto fewer pallets for onward delivery.

Note that we cannot devan all abnormal cargoes, as boons, chains and other specialist equipment can be required. Check your cargo with us in advance so that we can confirm our ability to devan your container or refer you to another warehouse provider as appropriate.

Contact us to find out more about devanning containers of heavy goods in Felixstowe.

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Devanning containers for eCommerce

If your goods need a pick and pack operation after devan, KDR are here for you. As operators of Amazon fulfilment warehousing, we have the facilities and experience to pick, pack, label and distribute your eCommerce imports however you need us to.

Find out more about our eCommerce and Amazon fulfilment services using the link below.

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Why use KDR European’s container devanning services?

  • 10+ years of providing warehousing
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  • Specialist equipment available
  • Customs, GVMS and T1 capabilities
  • A single point of contact for all of Europe

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    Container devanning FAQs

    Container devanning is the process of unloading a container, usually after international sea or road freight. The goods are emptied from the container and placed either in a warehouse or onto a vehicle for onward delivery.

    Depending on the nature of the cargo, the goods might need additional handling or altering before being stored or reloaded. This can include, but is not limited to:

    • Palletising of loose cargo (handballing)
    • Re-palletising / restacking
    • Re-wrapping
    • Labelling
    • Sampling

    KDR’s warehouses offer handballing and reworking services alongside palletised container devan. Contact us for more information on how we can help you today.

    Vanning is the process of loading a container. If the goods are palletised, then they will be loaded evenly across the base of the container and lashed into place. This is the same if the pallets are loaded in two layers, known as double-stacking.

    If the goods are loose, such as in cartons, then the pieces will be evenly distributed throughout the container to maintain a level weight. Lashing and nets may also be used to secure the load.

    Container devanning is the process of unloading the goods at the other end of the transit. Pallets will be removed by forklift, whereas loose cargoes will be palletised (where possible) for easier handling during warehouse storage and delivery.

    KDR European handle palletised and loose cargoes in our warehouses. Contact us for more information.

    Devan charges are incurred when a container is devanned at a third-party warehouse. They usually cover the process of unloading the container, handling of the goods during storage and the loading onto an outbound vehicle, but these might be itemised as separate charges.

    If your goods are palletised, the devan charges will be minimal as you won’t require any reworking to be done. However, loose cargoes that require handballing – such as cartons – will incur additional fees for the manpower, pallets, wrap and the greater amount of time required to complete the devan.

    KDR European provide cost effective container devanning in Felixstowe and Ipswich, processing palletised, loose and heavy goods. Contact us for more information.

    Devanning and destuffing are synonyms of one another – they both refer to the unloading of a shipping container in a warehouse.

    This process is also called “stripping” by some; however, “stripping” a container does not always mean the unloading of goods.

    When a container is shipping certain commodities, additional elements are placed inside the unit so that the goods can be easily stored or secured. Some examples are clothing rails, shelves, timber boards and framing.

    Once the goods are devanned, “stripping” the container means removing all additional elements inside the unit so it is ready for the next user.

    KDR European provide container devanning, destuffing and stripping. Contact us for more information.

    A container devan can take as little as 20 minutes or over 10 hours. It depends on the goods being unloaded, the delivery location, the equipment being used and the people who are handling the goods.

    If your goods are palletised and are being unloaded at a warehouse with a dedicated bay, then a devan can be completed in less than an hour. This also applies to some large or heavy items, such as 5-tonne pallets, where there can be only five pieces to move in total.

    When the goods are loose fill (which requires palletising) or the place of delivery is not equipped to efficiently unload a container, the devan will take much longer.

    KDR European are experienced in devanning most commodities in our Felixstowe warehouse. If you need container devanning, contact us for more information.