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Full and part load freight in the UK

Pallet Distribution Services


Full and part load freight in the UK

Getting your goods around the UK is a key part of how you do business, so you need a partner who can deliver. Providing pallet distribution services across the UK and Europe, KDR are here to support you and your business, wherever you need us to do so.

You have a variety of equipment available to you when you partner with KDR European. Our network utilises mega trailers, tautliners, refrigerated boxes and more so that you get the right vehicle for your needs. Whatever the cargo, wherever it’s going, we are here for you.

Supported by our warehousing services, we can also repack, relabel and rework your goods, meaning you can consolidate and customise your onward deliveries to your customers.

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The advantages of using trailer deliveries

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Cost effective pallet distribution

Whether you’re utilising a full load or a pallet network, KDR will get you the best option for your shipment. We deliver across the UK every day, so you can rely on us to get it done.

Available at short notice, our network is built on strong relationships that embody our values of reliability, transparency and trust. There is never a compromise on service with us.


Freight consolidation and splitting

Deliver your goods exactly how you need to. Unlike container haulage, trailer deliveries allow you to consolidate goods for onward delivery or send stock to different locations with ease.

KDR’s warehousing services are also here to support you when you need to consolidate or split a load. However you need your stock to be delivered, we get it there safely and on time.


Out-of-gauge or wide-cargo capability

Remove the confines of container or pallet dimensions when you deliver on a trailer. Out of gauge pallets can be delivered on a part load or pallet network with no problems.

You have a variety of equipment available for wide and heavy loads. Flatbed trailers are not as strict on load-width and have a lower tare weight so you can load heavier, larger items.


Pallet network in the UK

Deliver a single pallet quickly, securely and at a great price. KDR European deliver pallets across the UK every day. You can count on us to get a single pallet to its destination with the same care and transparency that you would expect when we deliver a full load.

You get flexible options on KDR European’s pallet network service. As the vehicles are not dedicated and you may not need express delivery, we provide options to suit your funds and timeframe. Whether you need delivery fast or on a budget, we’ll get it there safe and sound.

Contact KDR European for more information on our UK pallet network delivery services today.

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UK full load trailer transport

Providing reliable and cost effective trailer transport across the UK, KDR European leverage our expertise of European and UK transport to deliver the goods, no matter where you need us to get them to. Our expertise, network and range of equipment are at your service.

Often available at short notice due to our backload partnerships, KDR European can usually provide you with express delivery options, even in a busy market. If you need your goods delivered in the UK urgently, we’ll work with our network to make it happen.

Contact KDR European to see how we can benefit your UK supply chain.

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Part load trailer deliveries in the UK

Get the same great service as a full load for a half load or a quarter load when you have several pallets. Part load trailer deliveries combine your shipment with another to give you a cost effective and semi-dedicated delivery, without placing your goods in a pallet network.

Providing greater flexibility for timed delivery compared to pallet network bookings, part load shipments give you most of the benefits of a full trailer load, without the price tag. Save even more when you use warehouse freight consolidation to send multiple loads for less.

Contact us for more information on our part load pallet distribution services.

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Hazardous trailer delivery in the UK

Leveraging our on-staff Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA), KDR work with you to ensure that your trailer delivery is compliant with ADR road freight requirements. Our hazardous plated vehicles, expertise and equipment are available for you.

Whilst some restrictions apply to moving dangerous goods on the pallet network, KDR still have cost effective and reliable options for transporting your hazardous goods by road.

If you need help with transporting dangerous goods in the UK or understanding how to prepare them for trailer delivery, contact us for general, non-binding guidance.

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Refrigerated pallet distribution

Your perishables and temperature-controlled goods can also be transported with KDR. We provide daily refrigerated trailer loads throughout the UK, with drivers who are experienced in handling both cold goods and temperature-controlled trailer equipment.

If you are moving cold goods, contact us for more information.

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Industry accreditations

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Why use KDR European’s pallet distribution services?

  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Europe-wide network
  • FTL, LTL and express loads covered
  • Warehousing/consolidation provided
  • Specialist equipment available
  • Import and export service
  • Customs, GVMS and T1 included
  • A single point of contact

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    UK road freight FAQs

    Pallet distribution refers to the transportation of pallets, usually through a network or as part of a groupage trailer. Pallet networks are local distribution companies that work together to deliver an infrastructure that supports efficient and cost effective pallet delivery.

    When a pallet is delivered on a pallet network, it will usually be collected by a local haulier and delivered to a local hub. From here, pallets that are going in the same direction will be loaded onto the same vehicle and moved to another hub that is closer to the destination.

    This is repeated until the pallet arrives at the local delivery hub, where it will go on a local vehicle for delivery. The process of moving the pallet from one hub to another is called trunking.

    KDR European have worked with partnering pallet distribution companies for over 10 years, in both the UK and Europe. Contact us for a quote today.

    A pallet service is similar to pallet distribution, except there are added extras. The rewrapping of a pallet (to make it suitable for transportation), relabelling, repacking or freight consolidation are examples of extras that can be utilised with a pallet service.

    Once the pallet is ready to be transported, it will be loaded onto a vehicle and trunked to a warehouse that is closer to the destination. The shipment will then be added to the local pallet distribution provider’s list and delivered, either as part of a route or as an AM, PM or timed booking (which will cost you extra).

    KDR European provide a complete pallet service through our warehouses and distribution network. Contact us for a quote today.

    Pallet networks work by consolidating single-and multi-pallet deliveries onto the same vehicles when they are going to the same area. This allows shippers to send smaller loads without paying for a dedicated vehicle to deliver their goods for them.

    When a pallet is collected by a local haulier, it will be taken to a local collection hub for consolidation. Several pallets that are destined for the same county or area of the country, will be trunked to a hub that is closer to the destination. This may be repeated several times if the area is far away or not on a main route.

    The last hub will be owned by a local pallet distributor, who will then take the pallet to its destination.

    KDR European have built strong relationships with pallet network partners over the course of a decade. Contact us for a reliable, efficient and cost effective quote today.

    Pallet shipping is the process of sending goods in a unitised format. Pallets (wooden platforms moved with forklifts) can hold bags, tins, trays, cartons or many other types of loose units on a single, transferable unit.

    In the UK, pallets are typically 1200mm x 1000mm but there are other sizes in circulation too. Beware that blue (CHEP) pallets are also in circulation, which are standard size but are also returned to whomever the current owner is.

    KDR European provides pallet shipping across the UK, inclusive of warehousing and distribution services. Contact us for more information on our services, today.

    Pallets are transported on trailers and vehicles of all sizes, including tautliners, flat beds and vans. These can be dedicated vehicles for your delivery or your pallet can be moved through warehouse hubs and consolidated with other pallets going near your destination.

    To load and unload pallets a forklift is normally used however, some loading/unloading points do assemble/disassemble the pallet on the vehicle if a forklift is unavailable. Note that not all pallet collection or delivery companies will allow this and will charge for waiting time or a failed collection/delivery in either case.

    KDR European provide pallet distribution and supporting warehousing services across the UK. Contact us for more information on how we can support your operation.