Container Haulage Services
Shipping container transport in the UK

Container Haulage Services


Shipping container transport in the UK

Covering Felixstowe, London Gateway and all other major ports, KDR European provide shipping container haulage for businesses like yours throughout the UK.

You get a cost effective, reliable and flexible service with us. Our network is built on strong partnerships, proven over a decade of daily collaboration.

Supported by our customs clearance, pallet distribution and warehousing services, KDR provide a range of options to get your goods from A to B. However they need to go, wherever they’re going to, we’ve got it covered. You can rely on us.

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The advantages of using container haulage

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Quicker delivery following vessel arrival

You don’t need to wait for container devanning when you deliver direct in the unit. As soon as the vessel arrives and the container is portside, we can usually deliver it.

Avoid wasted journeys by partnering with KDR for UK customs clearance. We’ll keep an eye on the clearance so that you can have peace of mind that we aren’t waiting on you.


Loose-fill delivery capability

Deliver cartons, bags or other loose items directly to door, without paying for palletisation. Container haulage isn’t restricted by pallets, so you can deliver more without them.

Save space in the container and manpower at the destination by getting KDR to handle the container handballing at port, then utilising our trailer deliveries to anywhere in the UK.


Better accountability for the goods’ condition

Know who to hold responsible when goods are damaged. Proof of Delivery (POD) documents, interchanges and RHA T&Cs give clear guidance on liability.

Unlike pallet network deliveries, container haulage also has no handling until the final destination, ensuring that shippers can be held accountable for how the load is secured.


The container haulage process

Booking import container haulage involves the initial request, release confirmation and delivery, followed by the forwarding of paperwork upon completion.

When requesting your container transport, you’ll need to advise the following:

  • Date and time of the delivery.
  • Collection point.
  • Delivery point.
  • Delivery reference.
  • Cargo description, count and weight.
  • The container number.

Before you can get your container delivered, it needs to be ready for collection. For this, you must ensure that your customs clearance and shipping line release are both complete before the haulier goes to load, otherwise you risk a wasted journey.

Once the container is released by the shipping line, you need to provide a pin number or renominate the container over to KDR’s badge code so we can allocate a collection reference. You must also advise details of rent and demurrage free time.

If the shipping line has provided a point of restitution (empty return), then this must also be provided so that we can take the empty container to the correct address.

Once the release is in order, KDR will collect the container on the day before/of delivery and proceed to destination. If there is any damage to the container, this will be marked on the interchange so that it is noted before it is in KDR’s custody.

The delivery site will be responsible for unloading and checking the goods, at which point any differences to the description, count or weight as well as any damages, will be noted on the Proof of Delivery note.

Following delivery, the container will then be restituted at a location advised by the shipping line. Note that fallen or shifted loads sometimes require 3rd party warehousing services to complete the devan, which is only arranged if the delivery point reject the container.

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The difference with export container haulage

Export container haulage follows the same process as imports, except the empty will be collected, loaded and returned to the port full. The haulier also needs to advise you of the container and seal number so that you can get the full box booked onto the port.

The loading point is responsible for checking the condition of the container to ensure that it is suitable for transit. Failure to check could result in damage from water or exposure to a different element, which will be claimed on receipt by the buyer.


Proof of Delivery and additional documentation

After your goods are delivered or collected, a copy of our Proof of Delivery (POD) note will be supplied to you for your records. If you need special paperwork to be signed, then this must be provided at the time of booking with instructions to get this signed, too.


UK container haulage

You can benefit from KDR’s container haulage service around the UK. Our network is built on strong partnerships, providing cost effective and reliable transport from all major ports.

Supported by our partnerships for haulage, container devanning and pallet distribution, you can rely on KDR to get your goods to their destination by the most efficient means. Whatever the cargo, wherever your destination, we have the vehicle, contract or contact to get it done.

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Container transport out of Felixstowe

Based in Felixstowe, Britain’s premier port, KDR have deep roots within the local industry. You can rely on us to find the best option for your shipment, whether it’s local, cross-country, hazardous or requires a gen set. Whatever your goods, we have you covered.


Shipping container haulage in London Gateway

Located next to the UK’s capital and with a young port, container haulage out of London Gateway is often very competitive. KDR European have been delivering containers from London since our incorporation in 2011, with daily allocation to the area available for you.

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What makes KDR European’s different to other container haulage companies?

  • Over 10 years of EU road transport operations
  • Europe-wide network
  • Express FTL availability
  • Warehousing/consolidation capacity
  • Specialist equipment available
  • Import and export service
  • Customs, GVMS and T1 capabilities
  • A single point of contact

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    Shipping container haulage FAQs

    Container haulage is the process of transporting a shipping container from one location to another. If the container is arriving loaded at port for delivery to a buyer inland, then this is known as import container haulage. If the container is being loaded inland and then delivered to the port for export, then this is export container haulage.

    For both options, haulage companies will usually charge for the round trip so there is no change in the rate for a destination. The exception is when hauliers are able to partner the export with an import, which means they can reload the container and charge less.

    KDR European provide container haulage across the UK. Contact us for a quote today.

    “Haulage” and “transport” are mostly interchangeable, along with the word “freight”. It depends on the preceding word whether the meaning is the same or different.

    For example, “road freight”, “road transport”, and “road haulage” all mean the same thing, although haulage is mostly directed towards containers and freight/transport towards trailer movements.

    However, “container freight” normally refers to shipping, whereas “container transport” and “container haulage” refer to the movement of a shipping container by road. In this instance, it is easy to ask for the wrong service by accident.

    KDR provide road transport and shipping container haulage services throughout the UK. Contact us for more information.

    Haulage capacity refers to the limitations of dimensions or weight for a vehicle or container. Trailer vehicles have set internal dimensions and weight limits that must be adhered to.

    For shipping container haulage, the weight and dimension restrictions depend on the size and type of the unit. There are uniform standards across most shipping container manufacturers, who register units against ISO codes that display the capacity of the container.

    In the UK, there is a legal maximum weight limit for all vehicles on the road of 44 tonnes. This includes the weight of the vehicle, container, and goods. A good assumption for the weight of a 20’ container is 2,500kgs, and 4,000kgs for a 40’.

    KDR European provide options for vehicle and trailer equipment to help you get the most out of each delivery. Contact us for more information.

    Shipping containers can hold varying weights, depending on the type and size. The amount of weight and volume that a container can hold is indicated by the ISO code that it has been registered as.

    In addition to the ISO code limitation, you need to consider the road weight limit of the UK, which is 44 tonnes. This includes the container, the vehicle, and the goods.

    General assumptions made about weights for container haulage are:

    • A 44-tonne vehicle weighs 14 tonne.
    • A 40’ container weighs 4 tonne and can hold a max of 26 tonne.
    • A 20’ container weighs 2.5 tonne and can hold a max of 27.5 tonne.

    Most ports have a weighbridge so that shipments near the maximum can be tested before leaving. If a container is overweight, it must be lightened at a warehouse before leaving the dock area.

    KDR European provide container haulage and warehousing services throughout the UK. Contact us for more information or a quote.

    Import container haulage is the last or penultimate leg of the journey, where the container is transported from the dock to the destination or a warehouse for onward delivery.

    To collect the container from the port, the haulier will need to be provided with a pin and the goods must be cleared for removal from the port by customs.

    During the delivery, the haulier will get a Proof of Delivery (POD) document signed by the recipient. This will detail the number, weight and marks on the goods, as well as any damage that occurred during transit.

    KDR European provide import container haulage from every major port in the UK. Contact us for more information.