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Pallet storage and racking in the UK

Warehouse Storage Services


Pallet storage and racking in the UK

Whether it is a full load or a single pallet, having surplus stock on-site or in a poor location can put a strain on your operation. Warehouse storage alleviates that strain and helps you to maintain stock levels in strategic places.

Keeping your stock in a secure location, leaving your own premises clear and reducing the amount of mechanical handling equipment required are all reasons to use warehouse storage. KDR European provide bulk stow, pallet storage and warehouse racking options so that you can keep your stock in a convenient location until you need it.

You can also benefit from tax suspension with bonded warehousing, along with EU and UK pallet distribution when you store your goods with KDR. We are here to provide you with everything you need to operate a successful supply chain throughout the UK and Europe.

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The advantages of using warehouse storage services

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Keep your stock on-hand but offsite

Have stock available for sale to your customer without bloating your own premises for the privilege. You can use warehouse storage services without hindering your own operation.

Always know your stock levels with inventory management reports from your storage partner. They will keep track of your goods, in and out, so that you don’t have to.


Cost-effective importing and exporting

Store your goods near to ports or key routes so that you don’t need to pay to deliver all the way to your premises. This works both ways, lowering your in and out road transport costs.

Save even more when you use your warehouse storage partner as the destination for container haulage, where you would normally pay for the return “empty” leg as well.


Your stock is safe in secure warehousing

Have peace of mind that your stock is safe when you utilise warehouse storage. Owners invest more than average into security as they are determined to keep your goods safe.

If you are looking to store goods with a bonded warehouse, then you can rest assured that their processes are of an excellent standard as proven by passing customs audits.

storage methods

KDR provide multiple storage methods in our warehouses

Whether you have a full load, a piece of heavy cargo or a single high-value pallet, we are here to provide you with the right balance of cost, exposure and space for your business.


Warehouse racking

If you have goods that require their own space out of the way of the other equipment, like high-value technology or sacks of beans, then you need warehouse racking.

Your pallet will be suspended off the floor in racking or stored safely in its own location under the first shelf, separated from the rest of the warehouse stock.


Pallet storage and bulk stowage

Cost-efficient warehouse storage for when your goods are the same or stackable. You can fit more pallets or other units into a stow than you can with racking, reducing your costs.

Remove the need to palletise to spec and store out of gauge or heavy cargoes in bulk stowage. Compared to racking, bulk stowage is less restricted by weight or height per pallet.


Accurate inventory management

Keep track of your stock levels, purchase orders, movements by SKU and more when you use warehouse storage partners. Barcode technology has become the standard across the industry, enhancing the reporting that many warehouse storage suppliers can provide.

Take advantage of the automation that warehouse management systems have to offer you. Our storage providers have invested in software to make their own operations easier and to provide you with greater transparency across your warehouse storage movements.

If you are ready to ditch the clipboard and Excel stock sheets, contact us for a quote today.

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Supporting services

You need more than a good warehouse storage partner to run a successful UK supply chain. This is why KDR European also provide services around warehousing so that we can ensure that you get the support that you need, when you need it.

Alongside our warehousing services, we also provide European road transport and customs services helping to reduce the hassle that liaising with several agents creates and get your goods where you need them to go with minimal complications.

Contact us for an all-in-one partner to your road freight and warehousing operations throughout the UK and Europe.

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Why use KDR European’s warehouse storage services?

  • 10+ years of providing international express shipping
  • Europe-wide network
  • Express FTL availability
  • Warehousing/consolidation capacity
  • Specialist equipment available
  • Import and export service
  • Customs, GVMS and T1 capabilities
  • A single point of contact

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    Warehouse storage FAQs

    Warehouse storage is where your goods are stored in a 3rd party premises whilst awaiting onward delivery to another site. The goods are not processed or consumed in any way but may be reworked if this is beneficial for the next journey. EG palletising loose cartons.

    Storing goods in a warehouse will attract a charge. This is usually per week, per pallet, but can also be bespoke to different cargo type. EG per tonne of steel bars in a bulk stowe.

    KDR European provide bulk and racking warehouse storage in the UK. Get in touch to find out more about our services today.

    The main types of storage in a warehouse are bulk stowage and pallet racking. Bulk stowage is where goods are collected in a single location or row known as a “stow”. This is used for pallets, reels and other stackable or large items.

    Pallet racking warehouses have rows of shelves erected in stows. These racks are normally split into locations 2 normal pallets (2400mm) in width and built to hold one or two pallets. Said locations are more individual and protected, as they are away from the floor, warehouse equipment and other hazards.

    Racking is normally more expensive per pallet, so it is suitable for high-value items like electronics.

    For cost-effective warehouse storage options, contact KDR for a quote today.

    Warehouse storage is managed by the owners of the location and they will provide you with reports to keep it easy for you. Shipments in and out, as well as current stock levels per SKU, are standard reports that your warehouse storage provider will be able to generate.

    Modern warehouses take this reporting one step further with barcode technology. By scanning goods in and out of locations, warehouse operators are able to give you more transparent reporting without needing to do more administration.

    If you want to discuss warehouse storage options and bespoke reporting, contact KDR European for more information.

    Warehouses can be placed into specialist categories depending on what they provide. Some common examples are food-grade, cold-store, bonded and chemical warehousing.

    Food grade warehouses have been audited to ensure that they are safe to store certain foods. Cold-store warehouses also come under this category, but have refrigeration capabilities for foods such as meat, which cannot be left at ambient temperature.

    Bonded warehousing has an approved area inside that is reserved for goods that have been imported or transferred into the warehouse under bond. Bond is where the goods have not yet entered free circulation due to the suspension of duty and Vat.

    Chemical warehousing is approved for the storage and handling of chemicals.

    If you need specialised warehousing, contact KDR European for a quote.

    Warehouse storage allows you to keep stock on-hand but offsite and without affecting your main operation. Instead of choosing which stock to restrict when you are purchasing, you can be prepared to meet demand whenever you need it. Regardless of freight competition, increased transit times or your supplier’s lead time, you can have the stock ready and close-by.

    Storage is also scalable, allowing you to bulk order when prices are low or ahead of busy times. It helps you to minimise downtime of your operation or missing out on supplying your customers when they need you.

    If you want to know more about KDR’s warehouse storage options, contact us for a quote.